Frequently asked questions

You ask, we answer

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, wishes or complaints please do not hesitate to contact the instructors or office to find a quick solution!

We wish you a nice ski week!

Where are the meeting points for children's courses?

  • Meeting point Bobo's Kids House (in front of the hotel Zillertalerhof)
  • All beginners of children's club (4-hour courses for 4-12 year children)
  • Easy Advanced Children's Club Courses (Group 2)
  • Mini Club (2-hour courses for 3 to 5-year-old children)
  • Meeting point valley station Christslum - 4-seater chairlift (directly in front of the ski school office)
  • Children's club classes from ability group 3

Is a ski ticked required?

  • On our beginner's area Bobo's Kidshaus, no ski pass is required for all ski students.
  • A valid lift ticket must be purchased separately for all students who have reached the age of 7 and who use the lifts of the Christlum lifts in or outside the course times. For more information on the lift tariffs, please visit

From what age can the children start in the ski school?

  • For children from 2,5 - 4 years of age, we offer a low-cost trial period lasting 45 minutes between 12:15 and 13:00.
  • Age limits at the mini-club (2-hour courses in the morning):
    • Minimum age 3 years (free of wind!)
    • Max. 5 years
  • Age limits at the children's club (4-hour courses all-day)
    • Minimum age 4 years (free of wind!)
    • Max. 12 years (high season 14 years)

What equipment is required?

  • Ski equipment:
    • Ski boots in the appropriate size (not too small and not too big!)
    • Ski in the correct length, with a suitably adjusted and controlled binding
    • Length recommendation Beginner: approx. Chest to shoulder height
    • Length recommendation Advanced: approx. Chin to nose height, maximum increase by 20 cm to previous year, possibly with shorter skis start again, then increase!
    • Please make your reservation early (link online booking!)
    • Helmet light for all children in the ski course, please note the correct size. An old (over 5 years) and damaged helmet does not protect, please exchange. Free helmet rental for all ski school children (up to 12 years) as long as stocks last!

When does the ski cours take place?

(Reference and list of ski course times according to the prospectus)

How is lunch service designed?

Lunch is provided at the Hotel Zillertalerhof. The price of 12, - Euro includes food, drink and care. There is a defined menu for the whole week (more information in the office). Basically, specially trained teachers are assigned to this. Various allergies must be communicated at the time of booking, preferably in written form.

Which teaching languages are offered?


  • We have a majority of German-speaking guests (almost 90%) over the entire season, so they are mainly taught in German.
  • In the Dutch holidays (Christmas and mainly crocus) we also have a large share of Dutch guests. During this period, Dutch own groups are usually formed and assigned to a Dutch-speaking teacher (if available).
  • Alternatively, course is also given in English. Nevertheless, we usually have no problems with language barriers in children's group courses.


  • We will gladly consider your wishes as far as possible. Due to the partial large change we unfortunately can not always take special linguistic wishes into account.

Is it possible to get our children together in one group?

As long as they fit together according to age and have the same characteristics due to the driving, we will be able to fulfill your wishes. Please come to us!

Is it possible to join a course during the week?

  • In principle, the grouping takes place on Sunday and Monday. Beginners can only start on these two days. (Exception Christmas). Depending on the learning progress, it is possible to enter an existing group after one or two private lessons.
  • Intermediate students can enter an existing group at any time by Wednesday.
  • Friday (except for Christmas) & Saturday is a course-free day. Private lessons and Supergroup are possible.

At what prices are the courses offered?

Here you can find our price list!

When is the ski school office open?

Here you can find our opening hours!

What kind of events do our children expect?

  • Bobo-Party: Bobo Party: Every Tuesday (except for the interim season) at Bobo's Kids House
  • Various games with Bobo and his friends and ballooning
  • Closing races: Every Thursday (except Christmas on Friday)
  • Dino-Jet
  • Start times are announced in time
  • Price givening: Thursday after the ski course from about 3:30 pm at Bobo's Kids House
  • Each child receives a medal and certificate
  • Photo Day: Every Tuesday
  • The photomappe (individual photo & group photo) can be purchased for the price distribution for 12, - Euro. The proceeds go to the ski school.